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        In 2001, Shenzhen PUAS Industrial Co., Ltd founded, focus on video industry

        In 2002, Becoming one of the first company entered into video security industry

        In 2003, Achieving the intention of cooperate with SONY

        In 2005, Becoming core area partner of SONY

        In 2006, PUAS brand created, orientating to high-end video conference camera marketing

        In 2007, Becoming the first manufacturer to research and develop video conference camera

        In 2009, 1080P HD conference camera lauched

        In 2010, PUAS applicate to Politial and Law system etc key projects

        In 2011, Move to new operation center, HD video conference camera sales volume up to 1000 sets

        In 2012, 1080P/60 conference camera manufacturer launched, passing the Ministry of public security testing and get certification

        In 2013, Becoming Huawei supplier, sales volume up to 3 billion RMB, expanding to international marketing

        In 2014, Passing ISO9001:2008 international standard

        In 2015, Operation center merged with production center, 2200 square meter factory

        In 2016, Researching and developing 4K UHD camera

        In 2017, Released all in one video conferencing terminal PTZ camera ZE20

        In 2018, Mini enco USB PTZ camera U200 series/dual-eye tracking PTZ camera HD910/ controller keyboard KB100

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