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      1. Your location:Home > Product > Broadcasting PTZ Camera > PUS-OHD300 series HD color video camera

        PUS-HD320S&B ExtrePro Conferencing Video PTZ Camera

        HD320S&B is Professional Conferencing Video PTZ camera with advanced image processing technology and HD CMOS Image Sensor with multiple video formats, the max resolution up to 1080P60FPS; 2Megapxiel picture presentation, color true, image quality Clear; support USB One-click local storage and 3G-SDI\HDMI\IP Streaming video simultaneous output. H.264/H.265 super decoding, 1080P low bandwidth transmission demand; built-in audio interface,Support VISCA / PELCO P / D, ONVIF multiple protocols & application widely, suitable for Conferencing, Education, Telemedicine, AV Media Solution project.
        Features | Specifications | Download | Related cases
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