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        Video conferenceTelemedicineDistance EducationBroadcasting & Live streaming
        Video conference

        Video conference

        Videoconferencing is a AV system to solved the people face-to-face communication between people in two or more locations through communication devices and networks. It is mainly divided into peer-to-peer or multi-point conferences. Based on the security of the conference content and the quality and scale of the conference. PUAS can provide a wide range of product lines according to the different of customers demand. PUAS HD300 series and U500 series are widely used in Government, well-known enterprises, SME conference rooms, churches, courts, procuratorates, and police systems. PUAS products fully comply with the H.323/SIP protocol and are compatible with videoconferencing software and audio and recording playback equipment from manufacturers such as CISCO、LIFESIZE、VIDYO、AVER、HUAWEI and so on.

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